Jesus said, “Whoever receives one of these little children in My name receives Me” (Mark 9:37).  Clearly, Christ placed a high value on kids. At Radius Church, so do we. Every child is a guest of honor. All workers have been screened and had a background check. We use KidCheck to register and keep track of all children during our services. Here is a link to create an account, Kidcheck. If you have any questions, a volunteer will be onsite to assist.


From crazy games and puzzles to active messages, we strive to give kids a great experience. We want every kid to have a great time learning Scripture and having a few laughs along the way.


At Radius Church relationships matter most. In our children’s ministries we want all kids to build a relationship with Jesus, His Word, and with others. We provide opportunities throughout each service for these relationships to flourish.

For protection, every child is to sign in to KidCheck for each visit.  You can use the KidCheck station or the KidCheck app on your way into the building.  Please download the app onto your phone (this is how we will communicate with you should we need to.)  Security labels with ID numbers are printed at the KidCheck station.  Put one on your child’s back, one on the diaper bag (for nursery), and keep one with you. The label is needed to pick up your child(ren) If you lose the tag the number will be in the app. 

One ID number is given per family.  If you have three kids in different areas, they will all have the same number.  By having the app, if you are notified you will know which area you are needed in.  

On your first visit, parents or guardians should complete all questions including phone and email so we can contact you about pertinent information and special events for Radius Kids ministries.  There is a place to list allergies or other special conditions that we should be aware of.  We may also have you complete a Nursery Admission Form.

Update your information at the start of the school year or when you experience any changes (address, phone/cell phone, e-mail address, health issues, etc.)

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Wednesday Night


 6:45pm - (School Year Only)

Pre-Elementary - boys & girls - ages 3-5

Kids - grades K-6

Ages 1 month – 36 months

The only persons allowed in the nursery are assigned workers, children under three (3) years of age, and nursing mothers. The door will be kept locked to ensure the safety of the children. If you are a nursing mother and need to use the nursing room, please talk with one of the adult workers and they will let you into the nursing room.

3-5 years

We are using the “GO” curriculum to foster relationships within both large and small group settings. We have age appropriate worship for their age range and from time to time will bring them in with the elementary students for worship. This allows the younger ones to grow in their worship experience with the older kids.

There is a section in the YouVersion Bible app with a synopsis of what they are learning. There is a memory verse, the big idea, and a question to help reinforce the lesson of the day.

Radius Kids
K-5th grade

We are committed to helping kids grow in their relationships with God and each other. We do this through a number of ways:  interactive games, worship, object lessons, and practical teaching. To help parents disciple their children, every week you will find in the YouVersion Bible app a kids corner with that week’s Memory Verse, a synopsis of the message, and questions to help your kids grasp a better understanding of the main truth we talked about in Kids Church. During the service we practice S.O.A.P. (Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer) regarding the weekly memory verse. At the end of service we have a small group time where the kids can ask and answer questions about the message, followed by a time of prayer where the kids pray for one another.

Recharge (Wednesday Nights)

Recharge Radius Kids is a great opportunity to help your children grow in Christ. We have a fun fast paced ministry that teaches children who they are in Christ and how to share the gospel. From weekly games to movie nights, and projects such as pinewood derby cars. 

There is also a class for those in Pre-Elementary that will help them learn about Jesus and follow Him. 

Pre-Elementary is for kids 3 years to 5 years. (potty trained required)

Recharge Radius Kids is for kids 1st grade to 5th grade