Our desire is to reach as many youth as possible for Christ. That every youth we meet will have a desire to know Jesus Christ for themselves. We will reach a youth thorugh as many means as possble. By inviting friends, playing games, having hangout days, and by preaching the word of God.


We do not just want to reach a youth but to raise them up to have Christ at the center of their life. We want every youth to be strong in their faith and in their own knowledge of the bible. We do this through fine arts, preaching the word, small groups, and so much more.


By the time a youth leaves the youth ministry we want them to be empowered and fully aware that they love God and that they know His word. That every youth will continue to be a part of the body of christ no matter where they go and no matter what their profession is in life. That Christ will continue to be at the center of their life.

Wednesday Night @ 6:45-8:15pm - Upstairs in the youth room

During our normal youth service we always make time to get to know each other and just hangout. Once we begin we will usually have time to continue to enteract by playing a game or working together to solve a problem. You cna always expect us to have a time of worship and a biblical message from Pastor Zachary. 

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Festival is a discipleship tool of the AG Youth Ministries designed to help students discover, develop, and deploy their ministry gifts and to learn about their God-given abilities and talents.

We, along with leaders and family members, encourage students to develop their gifts and then use them in their schools, churches, and communities. Fine Arts Festivals enable students to experience a time of learning through evaluations, workshops, and interaction with other students.

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Speed The Light

The concept is simple: we give so others can speed the light of the gospel to a world in darkness. This is accomplished by providing the "essential transportation and creative communication" equipment for missionary evangelism. Through modern transportation, radio, television, print, audio, and digital equipment, our missionaries can help make Jesus known.

Speed the Light is the student-initiated, volunteer, charitable program that provides much-needed equipment to missionaries across the nation and in over 180 countries around the world.

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